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Unfortunately there is a perception in the general community that surveying and subdivision fees fall within the “a few hundred bucks” category.

Fees associated with general surveying and subdivision vary depending on the type of survey required and for subdivision, the number of lots to be created, amongst many other factors.

Next time you ask your surveyor for a quote you should also ask them weather they have the following:

  • Public liability and business insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Work cover Insurance

Reputable surveying companies charge proper fees. Their fees take into consideration:

  • Insurance fees as above
  • Wages and superannuation
  • Operating costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Value of the product delivered.

If you have been quoted $500 for your initial survey and then $1,000 for your subdivision you should be questioning the integrity and capability of the surveyor.

Only a licenced land surveyor can legally perform property boundary surveys and subdivision. It takes on average 4 years of university to obtain appropriate qualifications then another 2 years minimum before a person can obtain a license to become a land surveyor. It is a specialised profession that deals with land valued at millions of dollars.

When choosing your surveyor you need to consider reputation, credentials, experience, work ethics and quality of work. Your choice should not be made on price alone.

Vicland Surveying are registered, licensed land surveyors of long standing fully qualified to perform your property boundary surveys and subdivisions. Call us, your surveying and subdivision solutions specialists on 9331-4266 to discuss your requirements today!