Subdivision Checklist Part 1

Is your Land Surveyor Licensed? | Subdivision Checklist Part 1 | Vicland Surveying

Part 1. Is your Land Surveyor Licensed?

When was the last time you asked your land surveyor whether they were licensed? Only licensed land surveyors are legally entitled to perform-

  • Land and property boundary surveys or title boundary re-establishments &
  • Subdivision,

within the state of Victoria.

To check if your land surveyor is licensed the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria maintains a Register of Licensed Surveyors in Victoria. Further, in order to perform boundary surveys and subdivisions, your land surveyors’ registration status must be shown as ‘practising.’

If your current ‘surveyor’ does not appear on the register with practising status, then they are not legally authorised to perform property boundary surveys or subdivide land or buildings.

Although you do not need a licensed surveyor to do your setout, nearly all setouts initially require title boundary surveys. Don’t compromise on quality of work or piece of mind by choosing someone not licensed because they advertise their services as being cheap. Licensed Land Surveyors are professional and remember that, if you are using a non-licensed surveyor you are putting yourself at risk.

Vicland Surveying are registered licensed surveyors fully qualified to perform your property boundary surveys and subdivisions. Call us on 9331 4266 to discuss your requirements today.